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Your company is flourishing; it's taken off faster than the speed of light and you're seeing amazing returns on your long nights and countless hours.

Now that your business is growing, it's time to make an internal review of how to maintain the integrity and efficiency to keep up.

Many companies get fixated on sticking with what worked during their initial growth phase and never differentiating from it.

Truth is, your business needs to continue to evolve in order to thrive, and services such as IT support are crucial to that evolution.

Here are 8 questions to see why your company needs on-call IT support services in its everyday operations.

8 Signs You Need IT Support Services for Your Business

If even one of these questions applies to your business, it's time you started looking into adding IT support to your repertoire!

1. Are You Having Frequent IT Problems?

In today's business world, even a slight computer issue can prove to be a critical setback in the day's operations. 

One connection problem or storage issue can mean an entire day or two of regrouping to get back to where you were.

That's not ideal for a business that relies on constant workflow to thrive.

Having an on-call IT service can alleviate that stress by giving you someone to troubleshoot the issue and get things back on track.

2. Is Your Business Growing?

Your business doesn't have to be growing by 110% for this question to apply to you. 

If you've gained any assets, headcount, or revenue to your business... it's growing!

As your company expands it will need a significantly bigger collaborative IT effort for the advanced IT needs.

Your IT support can keep a continuous eye on your day-to-day technical operations to ensure everything runs smoothly.

The IT service can also help educate your entire company on any necessary improvements or changes being made to increase daily operations.

3. Are Your Employees Not Technologically Savvy?

Time to face facts: while your employees may be the best in the business at what you sell, they may not be the most technologically-savvy. 

They might be able to troubleshoot small issues, but anything that needs more attention than a quick Google search solution and they'll be stumped.

Having an IT consultant gives your employees someone to reach out to for help, even if it's a simple phone call.

4. Are You Banking on Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is a wonderful thing.

It can grant you significant storage with maintenance and give your entire company access to the same data space.

However, it can still be sabotaged without proper security and protection.

An IT support specialist helps this in several ways.

For one, they would provide the necessary security with state-of-the-art protection to stop any system break-ins from the get-go.

Secondly, they can monitor the storage for any irregularities and maintain the integrity of trust between you and your clients that trust you with their information.

5. Is Your Office Technology up to Date?

If not, it's definitely time to upgrade.

It's understandable that you wouldn't want to fix what isn't broken, but not advancing your computer software means you're not advancing your business.

Even if you choose not to upgrade your software, your competition is and they'll be quicker and more efficient because of it.

On the flip side of that, just because you have the newest technology doesn't mean you're completely up to date on the software that changes almost daily.

You have countless other things to worry about already, why would you want to add "IT upkeep" to that list?

Hiring an on-call IT service gives you a sidekick whose job is to keep up with the latest trends and spikes in technology.

They'll take what they've learned and apply it to your business strategy... sounds like a win-win for everyone!

6. Can You List the Components of IT Infrastructure?

Should you truly believe yourself to be up to date with the current IT trends, here's a quick eye test to determine whether you're up to snuff.

Can you list the components of IT Infrastructure?

While there are many components (if you're getting technical) that go into the infrastructure, they can basically be categorized into three titles: Hardware, Software, and Network.

Each one is as critical as the last; if you weren't able to list even one of the three,  that's a sign it'd be better for your business to hire an IT support service.

7. Do You Have a Backup Plan?

Say you have someone in your office that you consider to be technologically savvy.

What is your plan of attack on the day they come across a situation they're unfamiliar with?

Like anyone else, IT support experts are only human, and in an ever-growing industry, it can be hard to keep up with everything.

BUT, if one IT support expert doesn't have the answer, someone else in their company will.

Can you say the same for your "dependable" Vice President who worked with a completely different computer system 5 years ago?

8. Why Take the Risk?

Last question here: why risk everything you've worked so hard for?

Businesses are depending on technology now more than ever, and yours needs a service to help support it.

Even if you can't afford to (or don't want to) pay salary on an in-house IT staff, that doesn't mean you have to go without it.

Reach out to a trusted IT service today for steps on how to solidify your company in the mainstream of Information Technology!

Find an IT Service You Can Trust!

Regardless of how knowledgeable you are or aren't on IT, you'll want to find an IT Support Service that you can trust.

That way you and your IT Support can build a beautiful partnership for years to come.

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