it managed services

The managed services market is valued at over $155 billion globally.

This huge business sector is continuing to grow. As this happens, we may start to see the market change even more.

It's meeting a need in the industry, but is it for you? Do you have a business that's hampered by IT problems?

Read on to learn if you need IT managed services and what they can do for you.

What Are IT Managed Services?

IT managed services are third party management options for your IT assets and services. This approach to managing your IT is an alternative to in-house personnel managing these assets or ad hoc IT services contracted to handle specific problems.

It can include reactive services, such as helpdesk and operations support. It can extend to the provision of security, backup, and disaster recovery as well.

The service can also include management and monitoring of IT assets. An even more strategic contribution of IT management services is the development of a technology roadmap, change management and integration with other business strategies.

There are signs that indicate that your business needs IT managed services.

1. No In-House Capability

If your business lacks in-house IT capability, IT managed services may be a solution. IT may have become an increasingly important tool for your business but the capability to support it may not have been resourced.

This situation can become untenable or unsustainable over time.

There may be some in-house capability. Perhaps it is lacking in some aspect of the IT operations. This can come about after the introduction of new technology that is outside the experience and skills of the in-house IT team.

After the IT vendor has implemented the new technology, you are left to support it.

Without the necessary skills, this can quickly expose weaknesses in your in-house team. Unfortunately, the new technology won't provide the expected return on investment without the right IT support.

For these reasons, a non-existent or weak in-house IT team is a sign that IT managed services have a potential role to play.

2. Too Many IT Problems

If you come into work and the IT systems are down again, you have to ask yourself why this is happening.

Technology is important for most businesses and you notice when it's not working.

Downtime means operations are held up, customers are being let down and profits are at risk. Perhaps you need a fresh set of eyes on the IT problems. It may be time to bring in IT managed services.

3. Lack of IT Direction

Developing a business strategy might be your forte. How confident are you about aligning the IT strategy with it? Setting the direction for IT takes some expertise and you may not have or need that expertise in-house.

IT managed services can help you develop an IT strategy or roadmap.

It will complement your business plans and help deliver them. You don't necessarily need to have that capability in-house permanently, but it's a useful aspect of IT managed services that you can call on when needed.

4. Getting Distracted

Growing or even just surviving in a competitive market takes a huge amount of effort and focus. You need to be constantly monitoring the environment for threats and opportunities. Running the operation, responding to competition, and keeping customers satisfied takes all your energy.

Achieving all this is hard enough without distractions. IT issues can be a tremendous distraction from your core business. That's especially true if IT is not your first love or your area of expertise.

If you are losing focus because IT is distracting you, it's time for a meeting with an IT managed services provider. Letting them handle technology for you means you can do what you're good at, which is running the business and satisfying customers.

5. Need Right-First-Time IT

Technology is so rapidly developing that it's difficult to stay up to date.

If you have an in-house IT team, it's difficult for them to keep up with the latest developments, new software releases, and new hardware. It means attending expensive courses, steep learning curves, and some trial and error.

Even if you can stomach the costs, does that idea of trial and error concern you? Learners make mistakes and your business will have to be the practice ground for your IT team.

IT managed services take that problem away from you. IT is their business.

They develop their people and are responsible for staying up to date and up to speed. You should expect a "right-first-time" service from them.

6. New Development Resourcing

Your in-house team might do a great job supporting your existing IT. The problem comes when something extra comes along.

If you need to implement a change, it's difficult for your in-house team to respond without dropping the "business as usual" ball.

Now's the time for IT managed services. They are an effective way to flexibly increase the resources available to support the change.

7. Out of Date Technology

Do you see technology as a source of competitive advantage? What is the state-of-the-art technology in your business sector? Is your business losing the competitive edge because your technology is out of date?

Making the technological step forward puts stresses and strains on your team. That includes non-technical people as well as IT staff. Draft in an IT managed service provider as a change agent and get your technology up to date and fit for purpose.

8. Cyber Security Risk

One of the greatest threats to any business is the threat of cybercriminals. They can steal your data or hold your business to ransom. Are you equipped to respond to this threat?

This is a fast-changing and difficult area for many businesses. You need the latest tools and expertise to protect your business. IT managed services can be a solution.

An IT managed services provider has the resources and know-how to maintain your cybersecurity. 

9. Business Growth

If your business is growing that's good news, but it doesn't come without challenges.

The IT solutions that are right for a small business are not necessarily the right ones for a medium or a large business. It's time to re-think your approach and consider whether IT managed services might help support your growth.

Review Your Options

You always have the option to support your IT with an in-house team. That doesn't mean it's right for every situation. IT managed services offer you an alternative that might suit you and your business better.

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